Kaş is one of the important scuba diving areas in turkey and over the world with it's variable coasts including the oldest wreck, antique ships and amphoras, modern ship and sunken planes, reef canyons and caves. If you want to make an enjoyable dive a turquoise clear deep water of a silent world, your first point must be Kaş. There are diving schools which can also have a right to give international diving certificate and education.


You will see a lot of paragliders when you look at the sky. If you want to be one of them and watch the peninsula, wonderful beachs and around of Kaş with bird's eye view, you can take a tour with experienced guides with safe. Get ready to live the same experience at Fethiye also.


A magnificent adventure is waiting for you. Enthusiastic Esen river which streams in Saklıkent canyon will let you to an exciting experience against nature's power.


The tour starts at Kınık region, and continues until Patara beach with unique natural beauties. It will give an opportunity you to both sporting and discovering the hidden places.


If you want to visit Saklıkent Canyon, Xanthos ancient city, Patara and Gömbe plateau, it is possible in one day with a jeep safari tour. Take your cameras with you and enjoy your trip with private equipped jeeps


Meis means "eye" in Greek and Kaş means eyebrow in Turkish. Meis is across of Kaş, and they really looks like an eye and eyebrow on map. There are churces, museums, castle and also a cave called Blue Cave in Meis Island. Hospitable people, fresh food and Italian style old houses are worth to be seen. You can reach Meis everyday by ferry.